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The De-Platforming of Andrew Tate

I would love to celebrate this but I can’t, not because it isn’t great that he is finally seeing the consequences of his actions but because but because it has taken this long.

Women have been calling his behaviour out since he popped up and we have been ignored as his platform got bigger and more aggressive. There are still men defending him today just as there will be other high-profile names that have lost their platforms. The worst thing about him is simply how his rise to fame has emboldened every other male with alt-right conservative views. I am sick of seeing “coaches” come up on TikTok telling men how to be “high value” and how to treat women.

The recently published article The Rise of Lonely Single Men in Psychology Today, tells us “dating opportunities for heterosexual men are diminishing as relationship standards rise”. Men still haven’t realised that if they want to date women they should maybe, just maybe… listen to women.

These men are confused, lost and struggling to find their place in the modern world. I get it; it’s scary and when we are scared big, bold, simple ideas feel safe. These ideas are rarely the way to make change for the better, because being better is never simple.

I can have compassion for the cis men that are stuck between the patriarchal norms they have been raised on and the equitable future that is being demanded of them. No really I do; if you know me IRL you might think this is not the case. The compassion is there but, when they follow and uplift these far-right ideals, they are a danger to everyone, particularly women and children. Unfortunately for men, that is when compassion goes out of the window.

What does this have to do with tarot you might ask?

Well in my tarot readings, particularly relationships readings for straight people, I am struck over and over by how little cis straight men think they need to do emotionally. They have feelings and they jump to the 10 of cups (happy ever after) right away. The women’s cards invariably follow a more thought-out route that often involves waiting for the man to get his shit together emotionally, or the tarot cards letting them know that they never will. In relationship readings for hetero couples it will so often show that the couple are not in the same place at all and the woman is doing all the heavy lifting, emotionally.

This is old news right?

We know this, but with issues like Roe v Wade we are seeing a sustained attack on the rights of women and enbys because right-wing conservative men want a society where they don’t have to work that hard to attract a potential partner. They see women’s demands for more from men emotionally as a destruction of what it means to be a man. These men think that society needs to revert to a time where men didn’t realise that their emotional maturity was important for their health and well-being, and important for the safety of everyone on the planet. People that follow men like Andrew Tate judge this to be too much like hard work, they don’t want to put in the effort. And I get it; it is really hard and painful work but, the more they resist this growth, the more they alienate the people they want to attract. As a result, women and non-binary people can look forward to the powers that be increasingly finding ways to exert control over them. Men need this protection because they are failing to evolve and they can no longer do the bare-minimum and get it all.

Andrew Tate should never have had a platform. His views should have been unpalatable in a modern society and yet he was gobbled up by young and old cis straight men alike. It should never have taken video evidence of his abusive nature to end him. He openly spoke ‘his truth’ all the time and men defended him saying it was a character, a persona... but it wasn’t. It does show us how so many men would rather defend a predator than work on their emotional growth.

If you would like to work on your emotional growth you can find my tarot readings here

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