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Can Tarot Ruin Your Life?

The short answer here is “NO”!

The longer answer is that tarot is a beautiful tool that is there to guide you. It is there to help bring clarity to situations in your life. Sitting down in the morning and doing a daily three card spread can be a little slice of self-care that can set you up for the day.

The cards are such a powerful life changing tool that people can try to either gatekeep them or vilify them. The vilification of the tarot is an attempt to take power away from you. Let me say that again: when someone tells you what you can and can’t do when it comes to tarot or tells you tarot is bad they are trying to keep you from your own power!

Many tarot decks have religious imagery on them and I think therein lies the problem with people concerned with what tarot might mean in their lives.

Tarot is not evil, it is not from the devil nor does it leave the door open for demons to enter your life. Tarot only has as much power over your life as you let it.

From my perspective, as a professional tarot card reader, the fear of what tarot can do in your life is the fear of knowing too much.

I have sat at many events while people walk past my stall and I have heard over and over again, as people talk to each other the words “I don’t want to know” or “I don’t want them to tell me something bad”.

An important part of being a good tarot card reader is to request knowledge that is of the greatest and highest good to the client, I only ask for and be given information that is going to change your life for the better!

There is a note of caution with this, tarot is a tool and should be used just like one.

You can pull cards or purchase readings for a specific topic but, once you have done that, you need to let that settle. Don’t get five readings from five different readers with the same question. They might all say the same thing which is brilliant validation but different readers bring different skills to the table.

Don’t pull card after card searching for the meaning you want to hear, part of using tarot the way we do is that you have to accept the first answer is the answer you are supposed to get. Extra advice cards can be useful but asking the same question every day until you get the cards you want is definitely misusing your tool. Take a look at the question Are Tarot Cards Accurate?

Tarot is not to replace your own intuition or knowledge. You know your life best and while a well-timed reading can knock your socks off and make you think about things in a completely different way, the best readings tend to be the ones that tell you what you already knew but needed an outside voice to help you.

Tarot is there to guide your life, not ruin it. Keep your power at all times and remember what you choose to take from a reading is up to you


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Otylia Wrzos
Otylia Wrzos
Nov 22, 2023

How can individuals effectively navigate the potential impact of tarot on their lives, considering the misconception that tarot might have negative consequences? In what ways can tarot be a valuable tool for personal growth and clarity, and what precautions should one take to ensure a healthy and empowering relationship with tarot readings? Additionally, how do professional tarot card readers approach the responsibility of providing guidance and insights to clients while maintaining a focus on positive and transformative outcomes?

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