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Balance Brings Beauty

Tarot is full of dramatic cards: The Tower, The Lovers, and Death. Each takes us on a wild ride, but Temperance is a moderately priced taxi ride. It is the card that asks you to look after yourself in practical ways.

The Temperance tarot card brings balance between us and the surrounding world through compromise and moderation. It invites us to take care of the things that can seem boring like organisation, bills and boundaries. These skills can seem unexciting, but successful adventure needs planning.

There is beauty in balance because it removes fear and the unknown and instead brings us calm confidence. We can often push ourselves as we strive to reach our goals; we over-exert ourselves to impress, or to finish what we have started. We act without due deference to the importance of the time needed to recharge and take care of ourselves. When we try to squeeze all the fun and enjoyment from our spare time, Temperance is here to tell us to reign it in.

Temperance is the tarot equivalent of your mother telling you to put away money for a rainy day. You definitely don’t want to; you had plans for that money but you are ultimately protecting yourself from potential hardship. The comfort that comes from being self-controlled makes it worth it. If you have taken the time, effort and energy to put in place boundaries to keep you on the middle path, you deserve the reward. The middle path is not an easy road to commit to, but Temperance is a virtue and being virtuous should absolutely be worth it.

This card isn’t trying to take your fun away from you; far from it. It is trying to make it more accessible, to open up opportunities, to help you become an alchemist and make something beautiful and golden out of what can feel like lead. It is here to help you juggle whatever you have going on right now and help you turn it into treasure. It is asking you to balance your desires with your needs and take the middle road to your success.

2020 has been a challenge for everyone and the importance of being measured in specific areas of our lives should not be underestimated. With so many holidays and festivals coming up there will be many opportunities to live to excess emotionally, physically and financially as we try to grab some joy.

Temperance has some psychic questions for you to answer:

• Can you follow the middle path?

• What is pushing you to the extremes?

• Why do you need this reminder that moderation and self-control will get you to your goal?

• Where are you spending your energy and how is this going to benefit you?

Be careful to be honest with yourself about what areas of your life lack balance. Look at the reasons you need healing in your life and don’t be afraid of letting Temperance shine its gold, calm light in that area.

So, set that alarm, pay that bill and say no to working late. Pay attention to the things that take your time from you. Whether it is physical, emotional or spiritual you will find your equilibrium. There is a harmony that can be found in all of life’s situations.

Tarot guidance sessions can help you identify the places in your life where you need the energy of Temperance. Book a reading today to find out how.

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