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Are Tarot Cards Accurate?

This is a common question among both people that get regular readings and newbies alike.

In my readings the tarot cards are often “scarily accurate”. That is a direct quote from a client and I often find that the reason people find it scary is because they were just doing it for fun or they had low expectations because of previous experiences with other readers.

While tarot card reading can be lots of fun, great entertainment and a wonderfully validating experience, the situations most people get readings for are the important stuff of life. Questions usually revolve around relationships, career and money and big life changes, so if you are asking big questions expect big answers.

Part of peoples questions around accuracy are because they want to know where tarot reader’s information comes from.

Here is the rub: you will never know. You can of course ask the tarot reader where they get their information from and they will all have a different answer. Some say from a God or Goddess, others will say spirit guides or ancestors and others will say that that it is “spicy psychology” and there is nothing supernatural behind it.

None of these things are wrong or bad - tarot is a tool for everyone and meets everyone where they are at.

My beliefs on where I get my information from are a mixture of all three: I believe in energy outside of myself and inside of me that are connected, I believe that there are divine entities and that divinity also rests in me. This connection makes me an accurate tarot reader.

I also know that when I close my eyes when I am prepping for a reading and I see myself walking in a forested area, I meet with a woman in her 50s or 60s with olive skin who helps me prepare myself and gives me strength and sometimes advice. The last piece of advice she gave me was to get a haircut! She makes me an accurate tarot card reader.

I, like many other women that work in the occult field, come from a traumatic background. Having that kind of upbringing gives you gifts that you don’t get to give back, like the ability to read micro-expressions, feel energy shifts and general qualities of hypervigilance. These skills make me an accurate tarot reader.

So whatever or whoever you think the information comes from is all that matters. You can have a different opinion on it to your tarot reader and it still be a brilliantly accurate reading because you both have the same goal: your life being made better by the tarot reading.

My one thing that I think everyone should look for in a tarot reader though is honesty. If you have a reader that always tells you what you want to hear it doesn’t mean they are not a good reader but they are for sure censoring the information they are getting. Look for a reader that will be brutally honest with you. Hearing what you want to hear can be beautifully validating but if you are looking for radical life change you are going to need a compassionately honest reader that is going to tell it like it is.

Accuracy comes from many different places in a tarot reading but they are most definitely accurate.

If you would like a “scarily accurate” reading with me

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